PRO100 for Windows

Rating of the program
5 1 1051 4 5 1 1051
Supported OS Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP
Bit depth 32 bit, 64 bit, x32, x64
For devices computer, phone, smartphone, iphone
Interface language Russian
Last update 2016
Distribution type Paid
Official site

Download PRO100 in Russian for Windows

Version Platform Language The size Format Loading
PRO100 v5.20 Full + Professional Library 1.2 Windows Russian 696.8MB .zip
PRO100 6 Professional Demo Windows Russian 164.6MB .exe
PRO100 Demo mini Windows Russian 201.8MB .exe
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PRO100 (PRO100) - a specialized program for the design of furniture. Used for interior design, allows you to create design projects of any complexity. The application works correctly in the environment of any 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, from XP to 10.

Functionality of the program

PRO100 is used for computer modeling in furniture production, facilitates design and design work. Allows you to create three-dimensional objects, experiment with shapes and materials, calculate the final cost of the product. Suitable for designing cabinet furniture, doors, windows and other structures.

Main features of the software:

  • • Creation of accurate drawings with dimensions;
  • • realistic visualization of objects;
  • • use of ready-made elements from libraries;
  • • making corrections to projects;
  • • export to other programs;
  • • creation of user libraries;
  • • adding environment;
  • • superposition of a voluminous text;
  • • editing of objects;
  • • change in illumination;
  • • cost calculation.

The program allows you to design complex parts with any radius of curvature, with bevelled elements and cutouts. Objects can be moved, rotated around their axis, determine the distance between them and make bindings. It is possible to change individual elements (pens, etc.), to select texture and color, to display the environment in the 3D dimension. Immediate visualization is possible in several variants, with cost estimation and reporting.

Features of PRO100

The program has an intuitive interface, allows you to visualize any design, choose the optimal shape and colors. Created in PRO100 projects are characterized by high-quality detailing, suitable for export to applications for nesting.

Among the advantages of the program:

  • • Presence of powerful bases of ready elements;
  • • high accuracy of calculations;
  • • the ability to choose the texture, color and type of material;
  • • Russian interface.

The program is suitable for professional and amateur use, allows you to experiment with any object parameters and perform their instant visualization. In PRO100 it is convenient to design furniture from scratch, create models of interiors, add new elements to databases.

In the PRO100 6 version, the speed and speed of loading of libraries has been increased, the KRAY rendering module has been added. The latest update 6.10, released in October 2015, corrected minor errors and expanded libraries of finished objects.

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